Diaper Sizing Guide

The chart below shows the average measurements taken from several diapers of a similar size.  Please remember that each diaper is handmade and is therefore unique.  There may be some small size differences between diapers of the same size.


Diaper Measurements

Size Length Hip Width Crotch Width Leg Openings Approx. Wgt.
 12 1/2"
 7" 4 1/2"
 4-7" 5-10 lb
NB/Small 14" 8 1/2" 5 1/2" 6-12" 7 -15 lb
Medium 17" 10" 6 1/2" 6-12" 15 - 25 lb
Large 19" 11" 7 1/2" 8-15 1/2" 25 - 35 lb
Extra Large 20" 12" 8 1/2" 8-15 1/2" 25 - 45 lb


Measuring your Baby - Babies come in every shape and size and the chart above is meant as a guide only.  The only way to ensure a good fit is to measure your baby at a few critical places and compare them to the chart above.  Use the hip width as the most important measurement.  This means if your baby falls between medium and large in hip measurement, go with the large size diaper since there is some overlap in diaper adjustment.

Length:  Measure your baby from their navel through the crotch and up to the dimples above their heiny and add a couple of inches for comfort.  This should give you the approximate length needed in a diaper to fit your baby appropriately.

Hip:  From the back, measure your baby from hip to hip (the widest part)

Leg Openings: Measure around the widest part of the upper thigh.


Customizing A Diaper - If your baby just doesn't fit any of the measurement ranges listed above, it may be possible to modify my standard pattern to fit your baby.  Let me know what doesn't seem to work and we can devise a solution for your baby.