About Lil' Impressions
Contacting us

For now the easiest way to get in touch with us is:

  • Through a conversation request on Etsy.
  • Send a message to shopinkaron on eBay.
We ship via USPS First Class and Priority Service.  Overnight service is also available through Federal Express or UPS.  The buyer pays all shipping charges.  I will combine as many items in a single shipment as is possible and have found that delivery through USPS is relatively quick.  There are no additional handling fees added to shipping costs.
Bundles of Diapers

I like making a variety of different sizes and prints.  Because of this, my pre-made diapers can often be found at ebay or in my virtual store at  LILIMPRESSIONS.etsy.com.  However, what's really important is that you get what you want.  Sometimes that means getting a good value for your dollar.  The best way to save some money is to buy combination packages.   View the available fabrics and pick the ones you want.  Then tell me how many diapers you would like me to make and in what size.  You can choose a different print for every diaper or ask for multiples. Let me put together a package for your baby or as the perfect shower gift for a close friend.


Beginner Sets:

Not sure if cloth diapering is for you?  Purchase a begginner set to find out.  A beginner set includes the average number of diapers needed for a single day of cloth diapering (based on size as larger babies require less frequent changes). Gives you a chance to really give it a good try and see if it's for you or not.

Newborn/Small Beginner set - 12 diapers

Medium Beginner set - Includes 10 diapers

Large Beginner set - Includes 8 diapers

Extra Large Beginner set - (Toddler, toilet training size)  Includes 5 diapers


Standard Sets

You know you want to use cloth diapers and want to purchase all you'll need for your baby in their current size.  A standard set includes enough diapers needed for three days.  This will allow you to do laundry every-other-day and still have some spare diapers in reserve (just in case).  You'll also receive a large wet bag for free.

Newborn/Small Standard set -  36 diapers

Medium Standard set - 30 diapers

Large Standard set - 24 diapers

Extra Large set - 15 diapers


Complete Sets

These sets are meant to provide you with alll the cloth diapers your baby will need from now until they're potty trained.  You might want more diapers (cause they're so cute), but you won't really need them.  A complete set includes multiple Standard sets (as listed above) for each size diaper your baby will go through moving forward.  These make excellent gifts!

Birth to Potty Training Set - Includes 36 newborn diapers, 30 medium diapers, 24 large diapers, and 15 extra large diapers.  That's 105 diapers!  This set also includes two wet bags and two dozen extra soakers for free.

Medium to Toddler Set -  Includes 30 medium diapers, 24 large diapers and 15 extra large diapers.  That's 69 diapers.

Large to Toddler Set -  Includes 24 medium diapers and 15 extra large diapers.  Tha's 39 diapers.

If you're interested in one of these sets let's talk about additional discounts, fabric availability and handling time.  Send me a conversation request at LILIMPRESSIONS.Etsy.com 


Why we started

Information on the inspiration behind Lil' Impressions.

As a young mother in the 1980's I had very little money and honestly, from time-to-time, had it not been for my mother or my mother-in-law, my son probably wouldn't have had diapers.


In the spring of 2008 I became a grandmother for the first time.  Wow.  In the current economy it dawned on me that my daughter too may occasionally be caught in the situation where she just couldn't afford diapers so I set about finding some cloth diapers for her.  They were actually quite hard to find.  When I did find some in my town, they were the old pre-fold and pin and cover with plastic pants kind of  diapers.  I knew they must have improved since I was a child! 


I had more luck looking online, but was upset to see how much the name-brand companies were charging for them.  I did buy some, but eventually set about making them myself.  It's fun, it's good for your baby, good for the environment and most of all it offers an alternative to buying disposable diapers over and over again.  Cloth diapers today are convenient, cute and cost effective.


Welcome to Lil' Impressions.  My inspiration is my granddaughter Peyton, born May 25, 2008.  Who's your inspiration?